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Memories in a Buffet – Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet – Will it Ever Be the Same Again?


When the old Spirit Mountain Resort Casino closed its doors, its “buffet” quickly became a mini-mall in the Mountain. Even though there are still more than a few mediocre restaurants that have popped up over the years, most of the ones near Spirit Mountain are mediocre at best.

spirit mountain casino buffet crab legs

Buffet specials are always popular, and it is becoming a tradition in many parts of the country for tourists to travel to the area to get the best deal on food. So what can be done to revitalize this buffet with some great new, more “outdoor” eating options? What will it take to turn the casino-bargain into a worthy destination?

First, it may be a good idea to change the name of the buffet from “buffet” to something more appropriate. Although all diners love a good old-fashioned hamburger, and there are several restaurants in town offering those and other similar items, there is a greater demand for some other more interesting foods. Come up with a name like “festival grilled salmon,” or perhaps “culinary lunch.”

Second, consider adding a bit of variety to the Spirit Mountain Buffet. Many of the food choices are just basic hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and drinks. Add a little spice to things with some exciting “mixology” drinks such as mixed fruit drinks or iced teas.

The buffet may be just the thing to give tourists something different to do besides sit back and take in the beautiful views of the mountain. If you were to add a couple of outdoor games that are a little less competitive, like bocce ball or console, the prices might go down and your customers might find the place more enjoyable.

There is a greater need for the Spirit Mountain Buffet in the mountain towns in general because there are fewer resorts. Not only are there not as many opportunities for locals to eat outside of the hotel kitchen, but also the larger chains tend to serve food that is bland and filled with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

However, there are several types of restaurants that offer more healthy options, including smaller but much better buffets. Maybe a local restaurant could begin serving more varieties of fish, and even “local” ingredients like artichokes or the occasional couscous.

A few more ideas for turning a boring buffet into something more will help the Spirit Mountain Buffet has become a much more worthwhile experience. It will make your guests think twice about leaving the hotel and it will be a nice change of pace for the busy tourist season.

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