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The seventh buffet is called the Potato Chips Buffet. Here you can find chips and dips and you can also choose your favorite flavors to taste. Spirit Mountain Casino Breakfast Buffet Hours


The Spirit Mountain Casino Breakfast Buffet Hours is a great way to start the day at the casino. This buffet is a favorite because of its great prices and the number of different foods that you can get each day.

The first buffet is usually the exotic buffet. This buffet has food like arroz con pollo, crepes and also some exotic cuisine. You can find many wines to go with the food here.

The second buffet is usually the full buffet. This buffet can have any type of food you can think of. It will contain seafood, French fries, sides, appetizers, dessert and desserts.

The third buffet is called the Kids Buffet. Here you can find all types of snacks for kids. These can include vegetables, fruit, milk, cereal, muffins and even a few selections from the buffet menu.

The fourth buffet is the Buffet of the Month. Here you can find various types of cocktails and drinks as well as different wines and soft drinks.

The fifth buffet is the Grilled Cheese Buffet. Here you can find grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, steaks, chicken and more.

The sixth buffet is called the Root Beer Buffet. Here you can find root beer floats, Pina Coladas, and hot chocolate and these can be enjoyed throughout the day.

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