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Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet Hours and Prices


spirit mountain casino buffet hours and prices

Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet Hours and Prices

Spirit Mountain Casino offers a wide variety of buffets during their buffet hours. Buffet prices vary depending on what you are eating, but at least they are more than plentiful during the buffet hours. So if you are looking for some great dining and entertainment during the buffets, I would suggest that you make a reservation ahead of time and stay a few extra days to have an even greater selection.

Buffets are usually served with their own appetizers, as well as wine, beer, and soft drinks. If you are lucky, you may even get to try out the restaurant’s signature appetizers. If you do not like the appetizers, you can always go back to the buffets with a different selection of entrees and side dishes.

Buffets are generally served in the following order, or you may find that you are served by a different order. The basic buffet includes basic appetizers, soup, rice, salad, breadsticks and crackers, tea or coffee, dessert, meat or seafood, cheese, rolls, ice cream, chicken, fish and chips, and fruit. There are also a few other foods that are served at the buffet during their buffets. If you need a little something extra to satisfy your taste buds and stomach, they offer pizza, pasta, salads, dessert, and even hot dogs.

You will find that these buffet hours are offered all day and night long. They also offer different levels of buffets for their customers. The more basic buffets include a few basic foods, a couple of appetizers, a few beverages, and a handful of side dishes and bread sticks. The next level up of buffets includes desserts, soups, meats and seafood, and the last level of buffets offer some of their more popular side dishes and desserts, like chocolate fountains and pineapple tarts.

Spirit Mountain Casino offers some of the best buffets during their buffet hours, but they are also located right on the Las Vegas strip, so it is easy to go and explore and dine. You can also shop if you are looking to find the most unique items. Most of the stores and boutiques near the casino also offer amazing deals on the more unique items that you can find for your buffet. If you are looking for something to eat or drink while you are at the casino, then you should definitely visit one of the several restaurants that are located nearby.

At Spirit Mountain Casino, you will also find many great things to do outside of their buffets. There are many fun shows that are usually hosted by the casino itself during their buffets, and you can even get a chance to be a part of the entertainment by attending some of the shows that they sponsor.

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