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A Chance for New Life


Marty didn’t find the Mission.

We found him – at our front door. “I was being a total jerk,” he remembers. “Getting drunk every night, and my roommates got sick of it. They packed up my things and dropped me off at the Mission.”

It didn’t take Marty long to realize that his future was a bleak one if he continued drinking. “Once I had been sober for several days, I saw what a good thing the Mission program would be for me, so I accepted what they had to offer.”

The first thing Marty did after he sobered up was make a life-long friend!

“He was my roommate while I was at the Mission,” he says. “To this day, we’re more like brothers than friends.”

Marty entered what would eventually become today’s Christian Life Recovery Program – a Christ-centered 12-step road to recovery for men who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse, and whose lives have gotten out of their control.

“I asked God to remove the desire to drink, and He did!”

Combining Bible studies with worship, counseling, church attendance and ministry service here at the Mission, our program is designed to help residents regain control of their lives and develop the life skills they need to be productive members of our community.

It was 16 years since last July that Marty committed to sobriety!

He left the Mission a changed man. He got an apartment and a job. And those friends who dropped him off at our door? They became roommates again!

When we talked with Marty about sharing his story, he was getting ready to move to South Carolina to help out his sister. “Her husband is in ill health and if he passes away, she’s going to lose her ability to pay her mortgage. So I’m going down there to give her a hand.”

We asked Marty one last question: “What did you like most about the Mission program?” His answer was a simple one: “It worked.”

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Help other men like Marty…

Marty's story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our Christian Life Recovery Program exists to help other men in the Rochester area find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?


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