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Donor Stories

“We’ve been volunteering 4th Sunday of month for probably 10+ years and just wanted to commend Sam for the job he does. He works great with all of the volunteers as well as staff and clients. He has a great demeanor….hard to believe he is only in his early 20’s. What a gem…. Thank you!”

- Jack & Julie Norris

 “I just had to express a genuine thanks to the team at Open Door and the incredible ministry to those who are helped and also to those who serve!!”

- Steve Hakes, Logistics Manager
 Calvary Automated Manufacturing 

"Hi! This is Ron and Joy and we want to thank you very much for the thorough thank you note that you sent us. It’s more than anyone else has ever done, and I truly am thankful for it and you will be more active on my list of good places."

- Ron and Joy
Direct mail donors